I wanna ride the WonderGlen rocket!

December 5, 2008

More buzz about the great shows WonderGlen makes!

This guy says they make “high-quality entertainment that rises above most reality TV programming.”

This newspaper says WonderGlen creates shows that are “tolerable”!  Aww, yeah!

Press = money = new hires! That’s me, bro!

I’m writing again to Sarah even though she said it was a bad, bad idea. I need to get to Hollywood!

Stay tuned!


WonderGlen is famous!

December 5, 2008

a major Entertainment blogger shows my future company some love!

now they HAVE to hire me ’cause I got them famous!

Ants in my pants!!!

December 1, 2008

I’ve got ants in my pants to get out of snowy Cleveland and head to sunny Hollywood!

I wanna work for WonderGlen where they have ants, too.  And the ants fight spiders!

A job at WonderGlen would be a great Christmas gift!  Do you hear that Pieter or Aidan?

More Hobbitz!

November 19, 2008

WonderGlen’s demo reel for Hobbit House is online!

I could totally help with this because I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy FIVE times! including the extra footage! I bet nobody at their office can say that!

Sarah said not to call too often but if they’re doing hobbits maybe it’s time…

Some love from Pepsi!!

November 17, 2008

WonderGlen got a shout-out from PopTub!  That’s Pepsi money, baby!

Now they can hire new staff…like a certain awesome office assistant from Ohio!


Yeah baby!

Everyone’s talking about Wonderglen!

November 14, 2008

The bloggosphere is all over wonderglen’s awesomeness.

Wing DIscoveries talks about the James Franco but she’s a little confused.

You’re Out of Your Element Donnie thinks James Franco is actually making fun of Aidan Weinglas.

this guy thinks JF is drunk and/or high.  Come on, dude!  seriously?!

Live For Films doesn’t knowo what Wonderglen is. Yeah, they’re not famous YET.

Even Funny or Die thinks they’re cool. And funny, i guess.

I’ve been told by my sources (and Sarah kinda hinted at this) that Hobbit House isn’t happening, which BLOWS. it’s probably a rights thing with Peter Jackson.  He’s a dick.

First contact!

November 14, 2008

getting closer, guys.

I found Sarah Madrick on Facebook and wrote to her about working at WonderGlen.  She gave me a nice reply and said that YES they had received my resume(s) from last week(s) and were looking them over.  

She also said the economy was making it hard to hire new people and that as the chief PA she did a lot of stuff herself and maybe they didn’t need extra help right now.

But she didn’t say no!  She said that was someone else’s decision.

so I may not be at this “family restaurant” (Chili’s) much longer!!!

Hobbits in the house!!1!

October 30, 2008

My inside scources at WonderGlen tell me they’re working on some kind of makeover show where they make your house into a hobbit house – like round doors and really small and cute and with a cool fireplace.

Hobbit House

It’s a awesome idea. I love Lord of the Rings and would love my Valley bachelor pad to look like this.

I want 2 work on this!!!  I sent a resume by “real” US mail on Monday so they should get it by today or Saturday.  Here’s hoping!

James Franco does Wonderglen video!

October 21, 2008

THIS is why I want to work for WonderGlen!

Aidan Weinglas their CEO got James Franco to do a video for them!

I loved JF in Spider-Man and Pineapple Express and Seabiscuit. I’ve thought of some projects for him AND for Aidan, if only they’d take my calls!

But I’m not giving up yet! Not like that guy who quit Survivor!

Wonderglen president Pieter Voorhees wins award

October 16, 2008

Pieter Voorhees, one of the guys who runs Wonder Glen, got this award for hunting in south Africa and posted it on his site. this is the guy I want to work for. Here’s my thoughts on his life and story:

:09 – i don’t know why there is not a photo of him. it’s the same image from the wonderGlen site. He might be a rich recluse like Harold Hughes.

:14 – “a celebrated television producer.” Yeah! that’s why I want to work for him!

:25 – I’ve looked it up and that youth brigade actually did a lot of things for their community like the Boy Scouts do. It wasn’t all about fighting Mandella. They didnt even have guns!

:32 – I love that stuff on the gun.

:47 – Pretty cool idea to travel to all 7 continents in 60 days and hunt as many animals as possible. That’s a good idea for a movie. Here that, Mr. Pieter Voorhees? I have IDEAS!

1:08 – I don’t understand this stuff about puffins. what fun is killing birds?

1:16 – “Next target, Hollywood!” yeah!!! Mine too!!

1:25 – I SO want to see a babboon fight a killer whale! where is that footage?!

2:09 – if anyone knows where to find any of those documentaries on DVD or VHS please let me know…(look for “Pieter Voorhees” and also “Peter Vorman” cause I know he also used that name)

2:23 – I watched Dutch Finger movies a lot when I was 14. >8-)

2:28 – WonderGlen. FINALLY!!!

2:44 – Whoa, that was Charlize Theron?! She’s South african!

I want to work for this guy! Please!