I need a job! I love reality!

OK guys… I don’t know if any of my friends here in Cleveland can help. But as you know, I’m trying to get a job shooting and producing in reality. The plan is to move to Hollywood where it all happens. Hello “The Hills!”

This I’ve been busting my ass trying to get the CEO of Wonderglen, Aiden – to respond to me on the jobs opportunities that they have available. So, why not create a blog that’s going to help me find the right person to get me a gig over there!!

Apparenly Aiden is a friend of the guys at Reel management. Does anyone know anyone there?

I have to get back to work as this is my lunch break and I’m hungry..

for a job in LA!!

Stay tuned for my LA Adventure!! Wonderglen – or whoever – HIRE ME!!!

— Pete Beckermant

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