Hobbits in the house!!1!

My inside scources at WonderGlen tell me they’re working on some kind of makeover show where they make your house into a hobbit house – like round doors and really small and cute and with a cool fireplace.

Hobbit House

It’s a awesome idea. I love Lord of the Rings and would love my Valley bachelor pad to look like this.

I want 2 work on this!!!  I sent a resume by “real” US mail on Monday so they should get it by today or Saturday.  Here’s hoping!


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One Response to “Hobbits in the house!!1!”

  1. JC Kelley Says:

    I think one of my friends is going to a casting call for Hobbit House. They’re looking for little people (which she isn’t) but she did lose both of her legs in a wheat thresher accident when she was nine. On her stumps she’s like maybe 3’8″ or 3′ 9″ so I hope she gets the part.

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