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More Hobbitz!

November 19, 2008

WonderGlen’s demo reel for Hobbit House is online!

I could totally help with this because I’ve seen the Lord of the Rings trilogy FIVE times! including the extra footage! I bet nobody at their office can say that!

Sarah said not to call too often but if they’re doing hobbits maybe it’s time…


Hobbits in the house!!1!

October 30, 2008

My inside scources at WonderGlen tell me they’re working on some kind of makeover show where they make your house into a hobbit house – like round doors and really small and cute and with a cool fireplace.

Hobbit House

It’s a awesome idea. I love Lord of the Rings and would love my Valley bachelor pad to look like this.

I want 2 work on this!!!  I sent a resume by “real” US mail on Monday so they should get it by today or Saturday.  Here’s hoping!