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Wonderglen president Pieter Voorhees wins award

October 16, 2008

Pieter Voorhees, one of the guys who runs Wonder Glen, got this award for hunting in south Africa and posted it on his site. this is the guy I want to work for. Here’s my thoughts on his life and story:

:09 – i don’t know why there is not a photo of him. it’s the same image from the wonderGlen site. He might be a rich recluse like Harold Hughes.

:14 – “a celebrated television producer.” Yeah! that’s why I want to work for him!

:25 – I’ve looked it up and that youth brigade actually did a lot of things for their community like the Boy Scouts do. It wasn’t all about fighting Mandella. They didnt even have guns!

:32 – I love that stuff on the gun.

:47 – Pretty cool idea to travel to all 7 continents in 60 days and hunt as many animals as possible. That’s a good idea for a movie. Here that, Mr. Pieter Voorhees? I have IDEAS!

1:08 – I don’t understand this stuff about puffins. what fun is killing birds?

1:16 – “Next target, Hollywood!” yeah!!! Mine too!!

1:25 – I SO want to see a babboon fight a killer whale! where is that footage?!

2:09 – if anyone knows where to find any of those documentaries on DVD or VHS please let me know…(look for “Pieter Voorhees” and also “Peter Vorman” cause I know he also used that name)

2:23 – I watched Dutch Finger movies a lot when I was 14. >8-)

2:28 – WonderGlen. FINALLY!!!

2:44 – Whoa, that was Charlize Theron?! She’s South african!

I want to work for this guy! Please!



October 7, 2008

So its official now. Everyone is officially on myspace, including WonderGlen. I just sent them a message trying to get there attention…again!

After some friends yelled at me, I’ve decided not to put all my eggs in one basket. So I’m looking online again for some other job possibilities. I have got to get outta Cleveland!!

Lunch was good… My Reality Job Qualifications

October 7, 2008

I forgot to mention my experience if anyone, LIKE AIDEN, sees this.
I realize this doesn’t talk about my production experience – but I’ll shoot some reality video’s for all to see.

Job qualifications

* 8 years of technical experience with Linux and Windows; networking and system administration.
* Adept logical systematic troubleshooting in addition to providing quality end-user support.
* Strong Linux security experience; system and network auditing, system forensics, and emergency patching.
* Proficient software research, design, development, and implementation of computer software systems.

General Computer Science Network Administration
Linux/UNIX Administration Software Debugging & Security
Windows Administration 24×7 NOC (Network Operation Center)

I need a job! I love reality!

October 7, 2008

OK guys… I don’t know if any of my friends here in Cleveland can help. But as you know, I’m trying to get a job shooting and producing in reality. The plan is to move to Hollywood where it all happens. Hello “The Hills!”

This I’ve been busting my ass trying to get the CEO of Wonderglen, Aiden – to respond to me on the jobs opportunities that they have available. So, why not create a blog that’s going to help me find the right person to get me a gig over there!!

Apparenly Aiden is a friend of the guys at Reel management. Does anyone know anyone there?
I have to get back to work as this is my lunch break and I’m hungry..

for a job in LA!!

Stay tuned for my LA Adventure!! Wonderglen – or whoever – HIRE ME!!!

— Pete Beckermant